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Why Freedom Is So Rare

Why Freedom Is So Rare

Let's Examine The Three Types Of People

United Nations Is A Club Of Governments. These are the people most likely to seek government office, and once they get in, the power they have is never enough

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Why Freedom is so Rare

There is a fundamental drive in some people to dominate other people, and that drive is so strong in some of them that it consumes them, and everything they do is done to fulfill that desire.

Most Likely To Seek Government Office

These are the people most likely to seek government office, and once they get in, the power they have is never enough; they always lust after more of it, and they are on a mission to get all they can, like a drunken high school boy on a date dedicated to getting what he desires.

These are the ones that are represented by the United Nations, and their lust for absolute power is evident in the attempts of that club to disarm the world’s population, so that governments have absolute power over their people. There are other manifestations of that lust as well, but this is the most conspicuous.

The Group That Wants To Be Dominated

There is another group of people, who have a fundamental drive to be dominated by government. They don’t go around saying I want to be dominated (at least not most of them); they just have a deep fear of taking responsibility for their own lives, and do not understand the essential connection between responsibility and control.

Who has responsibility must also have control; otherwise there is chaos, and that chaos will be turned into order when it gets so destructive people can no longer stand it. This is how a communist dictatorship creeps up on a free people.

Two Groups Are Natural Allies

These two groups are natural allies, always working together to turn even the best governments into dictatorships. In America these two groups are represented by the Democratic Party and its RINO comrades, together called the Uniparty. Worldwide, they are represented by the United Nations, and the governments the club consists of.

The Group That Just Wants To Be Free

There is a third group: people who just want to be free. This is probably the biggest of the three groups, but it still loses the battle, because members of this group tend to be uninterested in politics, preferring to just live their lives instead of getting involved with government.

And while the other two groups easily form into organized bodies dedicated to their cause, those who just want to be free are generally disinclined to be part of an organized group with a leadership structure. Getting these people together and organized is often compared to herding cats.

And this is why freedom is such a rare thing historically, even though a majority of people want to be free (or at least think they do). It’s why the freedom handed to Americans by our founding fathers is slipping away from us. Even now, when the machinery of tyranny being conspicuously built around us is so near to completion, there is no organized group of freedom-fighters forming.

As the New World Order is established we will see that the United Nations is (or will be) a club of governments in another sense too, the word club referring to a powerful bludgeoning weapon used to control people.

This is our future my friends, if we do not overcome our independent nature, and get organized and stand against the growing tyranny while we still can.


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Why Freedom Is So Rare


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