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What Happened To My Country ???

What Happened To My Country ???

Dramatic Changes In Less Than 10 Years

I’m old enough to remember when my vote counted, people were united and patriotic for the USA, and at least we thought we the people held some control over the government. 

Let’s take a look at what I think has happened over many years since the country was founded.

What Happened To My Country ???
What Happened To My Country ???

Written By Grizzled Old Nam Vet

Public Announcement: Grizzled Old Nam Vet Is Not Suicidal

What Changed The USA From The Brilliant Founding Fathers’ Original Principles 

248 years is a long time for the changes to occur.

Start With The Federal Government

The Federal Government is made up of people that all have their personal desire for economic betterment. Yes, some join for altruistic reasons to help the country (but few and far between).

Think Of The Federal Government As A living Organism.


This living organism gradually, over time becomes more interested in it’s own wellbeing rather that what it was originally formed for. It becomes more interested in its own survival and growing in size and wealth.

Departmental Growth

The Organism, LET’S CALL IT THE “BEAST”, finds that it can grow expenentially by creating individual departments and agencies.

How Many Federal Government Departments and Agencies?

How Many People Are Employed By The Federal Government?

The Beast Has Grown To Gigantic Proportions

The Beast Now Controls Many Trillions Of Dollars 

With this enormous wealth comes the ability to control (or eliminate) anyone within or outside the organization. Using it’s Intel Agencies (CIA, FBI, ATF, DOD, DIA, NSA) many things have been put into place to take control of large areas of the populous (Epstein/CIA Blackmail op).

The Beast Will Eliminate (murder) Large Segments Of The Populous To Achieve It’s Goals

Public Notice: Grizzled Old Nam Vet Is Not Suicidal

The Bottom Line: The Beast No Longer Works For The American People, But Only Works For Itself

In Addition, The Beast Has Now Come Under The Control Of The NWO/WEF 

The Beast is deeply in fear of “We The People” as they are becoming “Red Pilled” and more pissed off by the day.

Take the J6 “FED-SURRECTION”, look at all the Political Prisoners they are now holding in conditions far worse than the POWs held in North Vietnam.

I wonder if the Deep State (Beast) criminals have nightmares about the French Revolution and the Raid On The Bastille (J6 Jail) that started the French Revolution?


What Happened To My Country ???


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