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Do You Still Believe Your Government?

What If I Told You Your Government Has Been Lying To You?

Did You Take The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

The Red Pill? Ok Then, Let's Start The journey Down The Rabbit Hole

Public Notice: Prepper Grizz – Grizzled Old Nam Vet Is Not Suicidal


I just watched the Trump rally in Pennsylvania. He said he was stopped from releasing the rest of the JFK assassination documents by his trusted advisors. I suspect that was because they didn’t want him to be assassinated by the same cabal that did JFK (The CIA of course). But he said if re-elected he will release it all. I really hope he gets the best protection money can buy – I don’t trust the Secret Service. 

Trump Is An Outsider

By now you must be able to see Trump is not a “Made Member” of The Deep State Shadow Government. They never expected he would be elected in 2016, and have been doing everything possible to get rid of him, but in the meantime he has built an army of followers in the MAGA Movement.

JFK Assassination To 9/11

The 9/11 Conspiracy Was An Inside Job

If you put together all the evidence on the 9/11 Conspiracy you will find that the Government version of the incident will not hold up to scrutiny.

Too much to list in this one article, so I will list some links below. But let’s take a look at just one part: 

Forbiddenknowledgetv › home › spookd: what really happened on 9/11

Spookd: What Really Happened on 9/11 – Forbidden Knowledge TV
February 8, 2024 – Retired CIA case officer, @SpookedBlog on his Telegram channel recently posted this leaked helicopter video of a missile striking the Pentagon on 9/11 with personal summary of happened on 9/11: This was one of the many surveillance videos confiscated within minutes of the missile strike on …
One very disturbing conclusion that would have to be drawn from this is that the Military would have to have been involved to pull this off. 
I hope it was a rouge offshoot of the military.
At this point it looks like most of the CIA is corrupt, and I say corrupt is too light, let’s say full-on TREASON, and that goes for the FBI – the cover up team.

Shanksville on 9/11: No Debris at the Crash Site

United Airlines Flight 92 crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11.

Where was the debris? Not at the supposed crash site.


9/11 Was An Inside Job

9/11 Examination By Architects And Engineers

Was 9/11 An Inside Job? The Proof Is In The Controlled Demolition of Building 7

After watching this documentary with the Building 7 evidence, you will then know this was an inside job. This looks like the biggest conspiracy of all time.

It’s breathtaking to imagine how many people had to be involved in all this.



If the Government has lied to you on such a large scale, why would you believe anything they tell you? If your Government has pulled off this much crooked shit, what are they capable of next? One thing’s for sure, the Government will gladly kill off many thousands, even millions of people to accomplish their goals. And No, the Government does not have your best interests as one of their objectives. As a matter of fact, the government doesn’t really care if you live or die! So ask yourself: what is more dangerous to your personal safety? China, Russia, or your own Government?