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15 Stockpile Foods You Could Store Forever

See my notes below the video detail I copied from inside that YouTube listing.

15 Foods to Stockpile That Never Expire | Essential Long-Term Food Storage

per this 17:17 minute video, from Mind4Survival – Survival Prepping & Self-Reliance on Jun 7, 2024

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Notes: this is a “Children’s Digest” version about food storage. It does not cover some vital basics. For example … it does not mention the problem of arsenic contamination of rice grown in what used to be US southern states cotton growing fields — or how to remove at least some of that contamination (see details on YouTube). Nor does it mention recent reports of pesticide contamination of rice coming from India.

Some rice packaging fails to disclose where that rice was grown. IF there’s no phone number on such a package or a phone operator on the seller’s end who either is unable to or refuses to disclose the geographic origin of that rice product … BEWARE.

Rice grown in California does not have that former cotton field history so rice grown there does not have the arsenic problem. Walmart carries some California rice from Lundberg farms … however it is a bit more expensive per unit.

It does not mention the long term benefits of storing whole grains, beans or nuts until one is ready to grind the day’s (or week’s) needs into flour or nut butter. That can benefit one enormously by greatly conserving on cooking time, saving on cooking fuel energy … while preserving the longevity of as-yet-unground whole foods.

It does not mention the nutritional trade-off between canning versus dehydrating foods. The owners of explain that foods that respond well to dehydrating (which is most, but not all) preserve about 90% of their original fresh-picked nutrition. Compare that with somewhat just under 50% for canned foods.

It does not discuss the problem of losing one’s cool place to store such foods during a long term power outage …as well as some workarounds that must be put in place long before such a calamity.

It only demos the use of traditional can openers that often leave sharp (and often jagged) edges and bent unreusable lids. In contrast today … a manual side-cutting can opener solves all these problems and creates a safe and smooth can edge plus a reusable lid. Such reusable cans can provide safe storage (with or without the reusable lid) for countless small items while the larger sizes can be made into emergency rocket stoves for cooking … with smooth edges that won’t rip nasty tears in your hands and fingers.


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