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Who Had a Haitian Coup by Cannibals on Their SHTF Bingo Card?

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If ever you wondered what the SHTF was really like, look no further than current events in Haiti. According to multiple sources, the capital city of Port Au Prince has devolved into stunning violence, and gangs have taken over, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry in a Haitian coup.

A gang leader known as “Barbecue” is now the most powerful man in Haiti and appears to be in charge of the chaos.

A state of emergency has been declared in the country after gangs attacked two prisons, setting many criminals free.

It is now thought that 80 percent of the Haitian capital is controlled by these gangs.

Describing the violence in the country, a journalist on the ground told Daily Express US that cannibalism has been witnessed on the streets as the violence reaches “unprecedented” levels.

Speaking anonymously, theysaid: “Haiti is living in a total chaotic situation right now. It is total chaos everywhere, especially in the capital where I am right now.

“Haiti has a leader, Prime Minister Ariel Henry, but he is not inside the country right now. In the meantime you have gangs waging full attacks on key institutions. (source)

Prime Minister Henry is petitioning the UN and asking for security forces to step in and restore order.

Some US Embassy staff has been evacuated from Haiti and American citizens have been warned to depart immediately. (source)

The international airport and the main seaport have closed and public institutions are on the brink of collapse.

More than 4500 inmates have been released to wreak havoc on the poverty-stricken island country.

Interestingly, the reporter being cited by news outlets claims that the guns the gang members are armed with are American weapons.

Up to 30,000 migrants from Haiti are legally allowed in the country each month.

On Friday, a US District Court upheld a program of the Biden Administration that legally allows 30,000 migrants (collectively) from four countries to enter the US on humanitarian grounds.

U.S. District Judge Drew B. Tipton said Texas and 20 other states had not shown they had suffered financial harm because of the humanitarian parole program that allows up to 30,000 asylum-seekers into the U.S. each month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela combined. That was something the states needed to prove to have legal standing to bring the lawsuit.

“In reaching this conclusion, the Court does not address the lawfulness of the Program,” Tipton wrote. (source)

One must wonder if some of these people “seeking refuge” will be any of the machete-wielding alleged cannibals currently rampaging through Haiti on a campaign of fear.

The situation appears to be too far gone for the police to handle.

According to a report in the New York Times, police are woefully outmatched.

The Haitian National Police force has seen about 3,000 of its 15,000 employees flee in the past two years. While the United States has poured nearly $200 million into the department, it is notoriously outgunned and understaffed. The department owns 47 armored cars, but in a recent visit by the U.N. investigators, less than half were operational.

Locals are taking matters into their own hands.

People fed up with gang violence have joined a movement known as “bwa kale,” which embraces vigilante justice. They have committed extrajudicial murders and generally target criminals, often with the support of the local community.

In addition, many members of a government-sanctioned environmental brigade known as B-SAP have turned against the state, bringing another group of armed people into the mix.

Wait…what about the cannibals?

Though American sources aren’t reporting it, news agencies from other countries as well as forums outside the US are claiming that cannibalism is taking place openly in the streets of Haiti. A reporter on the ground said:

After the interview, the journalist sent a message reading: “Cannibalism is not widespread, but definitely an indication of the worsening situation. It definitely happens on a few occasions.”

Here’s a horrifying video that is reported to be from Haiti with innocent people fleeing for their lives.

Here are current some images from Haiti.

So, is actual cannibalism taking place? It’s difficult to say but that rumor began somewhere.

Whether or not people are eating people, we can get a shocking glimpse at a modern-day example of a total societal breakdown. What Selco has written before holds true: when the SHTF, the brutality is so extreme that it’s difficult to believe. The literal inmates are running the asylum and about to completely take over the country.

What are your thoughts?

Our wishes and prayers for peace and safety go out to innocent Haitian citizens who are going through hell right now. I can’t imagine the terror they must be facing.

It’s like a real-life Purge.

Is this kind of chaos coming to America? Do you think that rumors of cannibalism are true? What lessons could we take from this?

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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