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Weekend Fun: Preppers Predict 2024

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What does the future hold for us in 2024? *Cue spooky music, crystal balls, and fortune-teller vibes* What will the headlines be? Who will win the Super Bowl? What movie will win awards? How will things shake out for the election?

I recently had the privilege of recording a show with Brian Duff and Chris Richards of Mind4Survival and Dale Goodwin of Survivalist Prepper. It was a lot of fun and we talked (in kind of a game show format) about the things we expect in the New Year, both humorous and serious.

Please note that while we did share our true opinions, this was done in a spirit of fun – something that we don’t see often enough in the preparedness world.

How does the Predictions Game work?

Straight from Mind4Survival, here’s how the game is played:

We are making predictions for 12 significant events or moments in 2024. Then, we will keep score throughout the year and see who comes out on top.

January: Predict the winners of the major categories at the 2024 Academy Awards:

February: Predict the winner of Super Bowl 2024 and the MVP of the game.

March: Predict progress or setbacks in resolving a high-profile global conflict.

April: Predict what Gas Prices and inflation will be by the end of April. 

May: Predict a groundbreaking technology or innovation that will capture the world’s attention in 2024.

June: Predict whether or not summer riots will start. What month? 

July: Presidential Race: Who will the Presidential candidates be? 

August: Predict the total number of gold medals for the United States in the 2024 Summer Olympics.

September: Predict the odds of a national crisis happening in the months leading to the election. What will the crisis be? 

October: Who will win the baseball World Series?  

November: Predictions on the outcome of the United States elections.

December: What will the National Debt be at the end of 2024? National debt as of right now, 12/7/2023, is $33.8T.

I want to hear your answers in the comments, too!

Not PC enough for YouTube!

Of course, considering the panelists, it’s probably no surprise our answers didn’t fit within YouTube’s community guidelines. So, instead of getting banned, Brian moved the whole shindig to Rumble.

I hope you enjoy it and get a giggle this weekend!

What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this show. We had a blast recording it. I, of course, expect to be the champion and will graciously accept my crown at the end of the year.

Which of us will be the big winner in the game of 2024 Predictions?  Do you have any predictions you want to add to the ones we discussed? Do you think some of us were dead wrong? Most of all, did you have fun?

Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

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