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Want to Help Keep the Website Up and Running and Get AWESOME Stuff?

(Psst: The FTC wants me to remind you that this website contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase from a link you click on, I might receive a small commission. This does not increase the price you’ll pay for that item nor does it decrease the awesomeness of the item. ~ Daisy)

Are you ready for the most extensive bundle we’ve ever offered?

Well, here it is.

Get prepped and ready for ANYTHING with The Prepper’s Ultimate Resource Bundle – and get it for a FRACTION of the price you’d normally pay! Get compilations of articles, get printables, and get books to help you organize it all. You’ll get thirteen epic resources, all for one low price!

(Several of these products are ONLY available in this bundle and cannot be purchased elsewhere! These will ONLY be available this weekend).

As you know, with the website having been almost completely defunded, these sales are what keep us afloat. Your purchases are most appreciated and we cannot keep publishing without you.

Here’s what the bundle includes:

The Most Important Prepping Advice of All Time: 729 pages

This is a compilation of the most popularly viewed preparedness and survival articles in the past ten years on The Organic Prepper website. People in the comments have mentioned how they referred back to these articles time and time again, and they must have found them valuable to do so.

How to Feed Your Family No Matter What: 527 pages

Get our Organic Prepper anthology with ALL of our content about food. You’ll get more than 500 pages of content that are all about food when you can’t just go to the store and buy whatever you want. Learn about producing, acquiring, preparing, and preserving food during difficult times.

One Year of Life-Changing Frugal Living: 1019 pages (out of print!!!!)

Grab your PDF copy of this new collection, 1 Year of Life-Changing Frugal Living Ideas and Philosophies, and get more than a thousand pages of ideas and philosophies of savings, large and small. Our philosophy is that you can live well while spending far less money than the Joneses next door. We’ll show you how to do it in this epic roundup of “Thrifticles” that will make it easy to live well while spending less

The Conspiracy Files (out of print – this is the ONLY way to get it) 543 pages

Want to get ahold of all the conspiracies we’ve written about on The OP over the past ten years? This document discusses propaganda, censorship, Covid-19, the Ukraine war, the election, the Great Reset, dangerous technology, and much more. If you are a conspiracy theorist like me, you’ll find it very interesting how many of these “crazy conspiracy theories” turned out to be true.

Home Inventory Printable

Hopefully, you never need this, but if your home ever falls victim to a disaster, a home inventory list will help you when it comes time to file an insurance claim. It’s a good idea to store this inventory in the cloud or away from the premises you are inventorying. Having an inventory ahead of time is far easier than trying to create one from memory.

We’ve made it easy with this 25-page inventory printable with prompts and guidance to help you remember everything.

Evacuation Checklist

Are you prepared to leave quickly in the event of an emergency? Will you have everything you need?

If you have time to throw a few things in the car, then this emergency evacuation checklist printable will help you to make sure you have everything you need if you have no choice but to leave home. There are tons of ways to use this list. Print it off and put it by the backdoor, laminate one for your bugout bag, make multiple copies and highlight each person’s packing responsibility. Make this work for YOU and YOUR household.

OTC Medication

Do you have the right medications on hand to manage minor illnesses and discomforts? Keep this OTC Medicine Checklist on hand with your supplies, and you’ll have a constant reminder of your essentials. This printable has all the basics for everything from wounds to allergies to pain to digestive upsets (and more!)

Pet Preparedness Checklist

Prepping for pets plays a big part in family preparedness, and with this handy checklist, you’ll be ready for anything. Get this adorable printable to ensure you don’t forget anything if you have to evacuate with Fido and Fluffy!

Prepper Stockpile Checklist

Get this adorable 8×10 printable with a prepper stockpile list to remind you of the things you need to put back. You can add this list to your preparedness binder, tape it up inside your pantry, or pop it in a frame for some vintage prepper-style decor.

Preparedness Binder Checklist

Are you organized and ready for an emergency? There is a lot of information you’ll need to have on hand in times of crisis. We can help you make sure you do with this 12-page emergency binder printable!

Tasty Spice Blends Printable

Do you love well-seasoned food but hate the price of expensive spice blends from the grocery store?

Make your own spice blends with these recipes! Get this cute printable to hang up in your kitchen and make Cajun seasoning, DIY seasoning salt, Italian seasoning, and much more. No outrageous or exotic ingredients are required!

Be Better Prepared in 28 Days

This guide can help you get prepared with one simple task per day. At the end of just ONE MONTH, you’ll be ready for common emergencies like power outages, financial problems, evacuations, and natural disasters. After a recent monthly preparedness challenge, lots of readers asked if they could get the information in a printable format. Your wish is our command! Here it is, with some added information and bonus ideas for small ways to get prepped.

The Prepper’s Workbook (110 pages)

In this workbook, we’re going to discuss all of your variables and you’re going to create a plan unique to your situation. You can create a plan that will work for you, regardless of your personal circumstances. Seriously – no matter what your budget is like or whether you live at the top of the Empire State Building (I don’t think people can really do that) the workbook will create a plan that will get you as prepped as possible in your current situation.

Don’t miss this epic opportunity!

Get these thirteen resources and get serious! You’ll never regret having all this information at your fingertips.

Grab your bundle, right here, right now, for just $35.


Please note that all products are digital. Nothing will be mailed to you.

Thank you sincerely for your support.

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