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Uniswap wants to launch mobile wallet but Apple won’t green-light it’s launch

Uniswap Labs has announced plans to release a new self-custodial mobile wallet that will offer users the ability to swap on L1 or L2 networks without having to switch networks.

According to Uniswap Labs, the wallet will allow users to check price charts and search for any token across various networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. To ensure maximum security, Uniswap Labs worked with Trail of Bits for the audit of the wallet. Additionally, the seed phrases and private keys of both imported and newly created wallets will be encrypted and stored on devices using Apple’s secure enclave, which is excluded from device backups. Uniswap also shared that users will be able to manually store their seed phrases with a paper copy or encrypt and store it on Apple iCloud.

Despite having its first build approved in October, Uniswap Labs has faced issues with Apple’s App Store regarding its mobile wallet. Although other self-custody swapping wallets have been approved, the final build of Uniswap’s mobile wallet was rejected by Apple just a few days before its planned December launch. 

Uniswap Labs shared that it responded to Apple’s concerns, answered all their questions, and reiterated that it was compliant with their guidelines. However, Apple has still not greenlit the launch, and Uniswap Labs remains in limbo. As a result, Uniswap Labs is offering early access to a few thousand Testflight users while waiting for Apple to approve the launch. 

Uniswap noted in its announcement: 

Apple won’t green-light our launch and we don’t know why. We are stuck in limbo.

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On Feb 6, Cointelegraph reported that members of the Uniswap community voted in favor of deploying Uniswap v3 on Boba Network’s layer-2 protocol on Ethereum, which means that the Boba Network will be the sixth chain to deploy Uniswap v3. The move was backed by several entities, such as GFX Labs, Blockchain at Michigan, Gauntlet and ConsenSys.