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The Presidential Debate Debacle – The Organic Prepper

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Welp, it appears that Joe Biden’s supporters finally understand how the rest of us have been feeling for four entire years watching the slow, ongoing train wreck in the White House. His performance at last night’s presidential debate against Donald Trump was absolutely horrifying.

He went from looking like a hostage being forced to speak to mumbling incoherently to slinging insults, and through no part of it did he come across the least bit presidential. I’m sure the rest of the world watched and laughed.

Trump, on the other hand, showed unusual restraint in his replies. He limited the name-calling, which must have been difficult for him. He didn’t stay on topic and didn’t always answer questions to the moderators’ satisfaction, but thanks to muted microphones when the other person was speaking, he didn’t talk over Biden or interrupt him. He made a few claims that I’d love to see fact-checked, but all in all, he comported himself lucidly, spoke clearly, and came across as far stronger physically and mentally than Biden,

It’s honestly pretty sad that all someone had to do to win a debate against Biden is to speak coherently. Against a better opponent, Trump’s digressions from the topic would have looked far worse.

I was surprised and impressed by the professionalism of the CNN moderators. I really expected them to lob softballs at Biden and hardballs at Trump, but they were really quite fair.

If Biden, as many suspect, got the questions ahead of time, it did him little good.

To be frank, as much as I dislike Biden, I felt sorry for him. He looked truly frightened a few times and very confused. I’ve said this before: it’s elder abuse, and his family should be ashamed of putting him out there like this. They should be protecting him. Instead, they’re enjoying the power of having him as president.

And remember all those recent claims that all the videos of Biden freezing, falling, or rambling were deep fakes? I think last night’s appearance has put that weak defense to rest.

There’s panic in Democrat circles, with people showing utter shock at Biden’s terrible performance. There are calls to “dump Biden” and people expressing shock that he was so infirm. The media has completely turned on him because last night’s reality check simply cannot be overcome.

It might be better for Trump if they don’t dump Biden. It’s difficult to imagine that after last night’s performance, any person who loves America could vote for a senile old man like our current president. Even if that means that Trump will serve another term.

If you missed it, you can watch the entire thing here.

What did you think of the debate debacle?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you watched, what did you think of last night’s debate? (Yes, I know some of you will be delighted to say you didn’t watch it and instead watched some paint dry on a wall.)  Do you think the Democrats will replace Biden? If so, who do you think they’ll replace him with?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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