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The American Elite Want to RATION Food, Power, and Gas

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It’s looking more and more like an “us vs. them” nation. A recent poll taken by Rasmussen (RMG Research) on behalf of The Committee to Unleash Prosperity had some alarming findings regarding how the richest 1% of America really feel about the rest of us.

Spoiler: They don’t think highly of us. They couldn’t possibly care less about our struggles. They live in an entirely different world than we do.

What is even more unsettling about the conclusions you will read is that these people are the ones who can afford to contribute to political campaigns and influence policies and legislation in America. We’d like to say that our government is a representative one, but let’s not kid ourselves.

Money talks.

Who are the “American elite?”

The survey defines the “American Elite” as those “having at least one post-graduate degree, earning at least $150,000 annually, and living in high-population density areas (more than 10,000 people per square mile in their zip code).”

President of RMG Research Scott Rasmussen defined the participants as “urban academic elite” who are “extraordinarily influential in government, corporate America, and the philanthropic worlds.” In some categories, the sector is further divvied up by regular elites and Ivy League elites.

So – well-to-do, well-educated city dwellers. Who greatly influence everything.


So what do these people really want to see happening?

More than 60% of Elites who were interviewed for this poll would like to see a crackdown on personal freedom. The rabble needs to be kept in line, you know.

They certainly don’t trust the great unwashed to manage environmental issues voluntarily. “77% of the Elites, including nearly 90% of the Elites who graduated from the top universities,” would like us to face rationing of essential items. They’d like to dole out:

In other words, put on a sweater, walk, and eat your bugs, losers.

Two-thirds of them would prefer that educators be in complete control of our children’s curriculum at school, no doubt to brainwash them into going along willingly with their outrageous notions on how things should be.

The Elite would also overwhelmingly like to ban things that they don’t believe we should have access to, such as:

  • Gas stoves
  • Gas-powered cars
  • Air conditioning
  • SUVs
  • “Non-essential” air travel

Stay in your place, peasants. And pipe down about your climate control.

Wait – did I just hear someone say, “Let them eat cake?” Someone should likely tell them how the first person who said that ended up after ticking off the underprivileged.

They see the world totally differently than the rest of us.

The way they view the world is also vastly different than the way we do. These folks say overwhelmingly that they discuss politics daily, whereas only 9% of us peons speak of politics and politicians daily. Perhaps it’s how they keep amplifying their ridiculous beliefs – by being so heavily involved in politics.

But wait, hold on to your halos, angels. There’s more.

  • 70% of Elites and 90% of Ivy-League-educated Elites trust our government  – THIS GOVERNMENT – to do the right thing.
  • 84% of these yahoos believe Joe Biden is doing a great job
  • 90% of the Ivy League crowd holds a favorable opinion of lawyers, lobbyists, union leaders, and journalists.
  • 80% of the Ivy Leaguers say that they’re doing better financially now than before.

There truly are two different Americas right now. And folks, we aren’t in the “fortunate” America.

The PDF concludes with this reminder.

It is important to note that not all members of the Elites are elitists. Some don’t think about politics all that much, and others actively support traditional American values such as individual freedom. Still, given the influence they yield, the overall views of the Elites represent an existential threat to America’s founding ideals of freedom, equality, and self-governance.

Cool. Like maybe 10% of them aren’t in cahoots with the scary ones.

Why it matters

I know a lot of you are rolling your eyes and saying, “I don’t care with they think. It couldn’t possibly affect me less.”

That’s where you’re wrong, my friends.

These people – the American Elite –  are the shot-callers. They’re the ones who rally support for political candidates. They pay for advertising. They run the business world. They are the CEOs and Presidents of massive companies. These companies are the ones that donate funds, support politicians, pay lobbyists, support the “woke” agenda, make lives difficult with arbitrary rules and regulations, and steer the conversations in the media.

They run so much more than just their highly educated mouths.

You should be concerned about how out of touch they are with our everyday realities. Because one of these days, these Ivy League ivory tower snobs will take away your car, your gas appliances, your air conditioning, and your steak if they have their way. And you can be sure they won’t be sweating and starved for protein along with the rest of us.

Because to them, we don’t matter.

We are mere annoyances to be controlled so that we can do the work to provide the services that keep their lives running smoothly. Then, they’re free to think deep thoughts and mutually gratify one another for asserting ridiculous ideas like the ones in this poll.

What are your thoughts on the American Elites? Do you think that they have the power to make things unpleasant for us? Do you think their opinions are harmless? Are you surprised by any of these widely held opinions?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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