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Staying Anonymous In Crypto Is Important

Going anonymous on crypto means making it impossible for people to know your details on the blockchain. It includes concealing your real name or making your transactions confidential. That said, anonymity doesn’t always equate to shadiness. In fact, it could be extremely useful! Just as how you won’t want the whole world to know about your bank details and transactions, the same goes for your crypto too. Staying hidden minimizes the chances of you getting phished or hacked, or worse…. In this video, we explore and share some tips on how to protect yourself and why it is crucial to stay anonymous in the world of crypto. Links: CoinGecko: GeckoTerminal: Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:42 Why is there a need to be anonymous? 01:32 Secure Private Network 02:11 Stealth Addresses 02:46 Creating New Addresses on Each Transaction 03:18 Using Tumblers 04:03 Using Privacy-Enabled Cryptocurrencies 05:05 Outro Download CoinGecko App!📱 iOS: Android: Follow us! Twitter:   / coingecko   Instagram:   / coingecko   TikTok:   / coingeckotv   Telegram:

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