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Memorial Day Medical Kit Sale

Today is a day to honor the brave men and women who have given their lives to ensure we remain free.

Their courage and dedication are the bedrock of the liberties we enjoy today. As we gather with loved ones, we should reflect on these heroes’ selflessness and the peace they have secured for us. It’s a time to be grateful for the sacrifices of the past that allow us to live in a country where freedom is still a cherished right.
In honor of Memorial Day, The Wellness Company is offering 15% off ALL their emergency medical kits. These kits empower you to take control of your health, freeing you from reliance on Big Pharma and Big Government. Not only that, but they’re also donating 5% of today’s sales to Wreaths Across America, an organization committed to teaching all generations about the value of their freedoms and the importance of honoring those who sacrificed so much to protect those freedoms.
They include essential medications like ivermectin, generic Z-Pak™, hydroxychloroquine, oseltamivir (generic Tamiflu™), budesonide (with a free nebulizer), and epinephrine (generic EpiPen™), among many others. Each emergency kit also contains a comprehensive guidebook explaining how to safely administer the medications, ensuring you are ready for any emergency.

Use the code MEMORIAL15 at checkout to get your discount. I recommend all the kits, but in particular, I find the Emergency Kit and the Contagion Kit to be of vital importance.

Click here to get prepped with prescription medications.

And please, take time to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. Tell your kids about their sacrifices. I’m proud to be an American every single day.

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