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I Found the Best Prime Big Deal Days for Preppers

(Psst: The FTC wants me to remind you that this website contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase from a link you click on, I might receive a small commission. This does not increase the price you’ll pay for that item nor does it decrease the awesomeness of the item. ~ Daisy)

Good morning, online shoppers! Today’s the day if you are an Amazon customer – it’s Prime Big Deal Days 2023. And there are all sorts of great prepper finds on the website. I went and found the best Prime Day deals for preppers so you don’t have to!

I’m also doing a bit of my Christmas shopping while things are marked down.

​​Please use my links for shopping so that OP gets the commission. (It doesn’t cost you a penny extra but helps us a LOT!)

Please note that at the time of posting, these items were on sale and available. They do sell out quickly, and as this is a one-woman show, I cannot always keep up with the things that are out of stock.

On to the prepper goods!

Here are some items that preppers may find useful at a great price.

Amazon’s brand of household essentials are all 15% off at this link. If you use this brand or have considered it for things like toilet paper, trash bags, and cleaning supplies, now is the time to check it out and get your home stocked up.

If you have been considering Vitamix or Ninja blenders and food processors for prepping your harvest for canning, there are many on sale.

This solar power bank is long-lasting and charges devices fast. I have this one which holds a bit less juice but is also on sale.

This ReadyWise food bucket is $20 off.

Here’s a solar shower bag and nozzle for prepping personal hygiene with an off-grid shower.

I have the solar light bulbs at this link and used them before on my patio for some evening lighting without a power bill.

Have you been thinking of getting into foraging? At this link is an edible wild plant book for beginners for under $8

Lifestraws make great stocking stuffers. You can get them for under $10 while supplies last at this link.

Comms are important. A hand-crank and solar NOAA/AM/FM emergency radio can be found on sale here.

The fire steels found here are very highly rated by Amazon users and would make great stocking stuffers or additions to your EDC.

I haven’t tried them out yet, but I really like the idea of Kevlar arm protectors for certain situations.  I think they’d be great protection not only for a combat scenario but also for times when you are using tools like axes or chainsaws. They are on sale here.

I consider water filtration bottles to be essential foreign travel accessories. I always take mine whether I’m going to Europe or Central America. This is the best deal I’ve seen on them.

A mini survival chainsaw went straight into my cart for my bug out bag. It can be found here.

This is a great deal on 5.3-gallon collapsible water jugs for your emergency water supply.

You rarely see items with a perfect five-star rating, but here you can find a two-pack of emergency splints that would be great additions to any emergency medical kit.

Save 40% here on a 100-pack of Aquatabs for water purification.

Here is a two-person emergency tent that rolls up very small for just $15.

Need a cozy sleeping bag for your BOB? Check out the two-pack of itty bitty bivvy bags at this link.

I own this exact four-pack of emergency fire extinguishers, and my daughter used one effectively for a kitchen fire. I think they are an important prep. Emergency fire blankets, on sale here, are also a good addition to your fire prevention kit.

Get enough stackable containers to stash away 80 gallons of water for an emergency supply at the link here.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Ground Beef is a great protein addition for your stockpile. Save 22%.

A lot of collapsible shovels are crapolio that will snap the first time you try and dig with them, but this one is very well reviewed by more than 2000 people, and it’s about $15.

Get a 72-hour food kit for your BOB from 4Patriots for about $25

These are my favorite LED flashlights. Tiny and powerful, they use two AAA batteries. Stash them everywhere and drop them in stockings at Christmas.

The Mossy Oak Multitool is very well-reviewed and a fraction of the price of other brands, especially when it’s on sale.

I like to add tiny references to my bug-out bag, and this Tiny First Aid book could literally be a lifesaver if you are faced with a situation you don’t know how to handle. Get it here.

It’s pricy even at 20% off, but these large Faraday bags are designed to protect solar panels and other large electronics.

This paracord has ten strands of fire-starting cord within. Talk about all-in-one. Get it here.

I like this item a lot better than just plain old ready-made medical kits. It’s a refill for your own medical kit, and on sale, you can get it at a better price than getting these items separately. You will still want specialty items like a tourniquet and chest seal, but these basics are a good backbone for your kit.

What are your best Prime Day Deals?

Have you taken advantage of any Prime Day deals for preppers? Please share them with us in the comments section!

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