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How to Use 3 Simple Tools to Get Better Prepared FAST

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If you’re like most of us in the preparedness community, you’re feeling a sense of urgency to get ready like never before. We’ve gone through tense times in the past, but there’s a sense of impending doom permeating our country. Whether that’s caused by the floundering economy, the looming specter of World War 3, or concern that we’re facing a civil war within our own borders because we’re so greatly divided, the result is the same. You want to get your preparedness ducks in a row. NOW.

You can read every prepping website on the internet but unless they’re talking about your exact situation, it’s not going to cover all your bases. I’ve created a bundle of interactive products that will help you get prepped specifically for your family in your location with your budget. Some of you may have purchased these products separately in the past. This article is about how to best use each of them to get prepped, ASAP.

Please note that this isn’t just for beginners. It’s also for people who have been at it for a long time. You can check off all sorts of boxes, do some inventory, and identify any gaps you may have. I strongly urge you all to get serious and spend some time working on your personal preparedness as soon as possible.

The Workbook

The Prepper’s Workbook is designed to help you identify the threats you could face, the specific variables that could alter your plans, and the time, money, and space you can invest. This workbook is also available in course form for even more guidance.)

The workbook includes quizzes and questionnaires to help you create the following plans:

  • A Most-Likely Disasters Plan
  • A Networking Plan
  • A Special Needs Plan
  • A Water Plan
  • A Food Plan
  • A Storage Plan
  • A Power Outage Plan
  • A Cold-Weather Plan
  • A Hot-Weather Plan
  • A Hunker-Down Plan
  • A Bug-Out Plan
  • A Self-Reliance Plan

Once you have this information, unique to you, then you can proceed to the next step and put your plans into action.

The Lists

The Prepper’s Interactive Book of Lists is a PDF that you can type in directly. This product guides you through checklists and inventories to handle all sorts of emergencies. You can pick and choose among more than 40 lists to identify the things that are relevant to you.

Use this book as a shopping list, a checklist, and an organizational tool. You can print it all out or only the pages you need. You can store it on your computer, on a USB, or in the cloud so you can access it anywhere, any time. (Wherever you store this deeply personal information, please encrypt it or protect it with a password. If you prefer old school, print it out and put it in a looseleaf binder. (It’s designed with space for the binder clip holes.)

Here are some of the things included.

  • General supply lists that every prepper needs
  • Food checklists
  • Medical supply lists
  • Lists for specific emergencies like hunkering down, nuclear disasters, vehicle emergency kits, or civil unrest
  • Action checklists to prep for evacuations, home inventory, pantry inventory, and prepper skills
  • Personal information packets for each family member with health info, important documents, legal documents, important phone numbers, accounts, and property deeds.

This product will help you to get organized and ready for anything.

Action Steps

Be Better Prepared in 28 Days is an actionable guide to help you take simple steps to be better prepped in just a single month.  You’ll be able to break things down into simple, manageable tasks that help take the overwhelm out of prepping.

Here are some of the thought exercises, organization, and a few very small purchases that will jumpstart your preparedness (or audit your existing preps.)

  • Simple (and FREE) ways to build your water storage
  • How to determine your most likely disasters
  • What to eat (and how to cook it) when the power is out
  • Sanitation when the toilet won’t flush
  • Organizing what you already own to be better prepared
  • How to prep for an evacuation
  • Information that preppers must keep close at hand
  • How to find local edibles
  • How to test your food stockpile
  • The best emergency lighting sources for you

Use this product in conjunction with the Book of Lists and the Workbook to maximize the value of all three products.

Save money by getting them all in a convenient bundle.

You can get all three of these products, valued at more than $60, for only $35 this weekend, in one convenient bundle. Use the strategy outlined in this article to buckle down and get serious. I firmly believe that things are about to get a lot more difficult for any of a variety of reasons. We need to focus our efforts effectively and make sure that we’re prepared to thrive independently and take care of our families, no matter what happens.

Go here to grab your interactive bundle.

Your purchase helps to support this website and our writers. Thank you, from all of us.

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