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How Do We Protect Our Money? Exclusive Interview for OP Readers

I often get questions when I write articles about the lack of trust I have in the banking system. While I do have my own financial strategy, it’s not one-size-fits-all. Financial security is so incredibly important, and I don’t feel comfortable offering advice that I’m not really qualified to give.
That’s why I recently asked email subscribers to send in their questions for Lynette Zang of ITM Trading. ITM is the place I trust the most for my own financial preparedness, so why would I go anywhere else to seek advice for you?
Lynette spent a long time answering your questions, plus the ones that popped up when we were talking. I hope that you enjoy this interview and find it useful when setting up your own financial preparedness time. Our economy is in big trouble, and we need to focus NOW on how to survive the crash.

You may note that some questions weren’t answered – we got to all the ones that Lynette felt comfortable discussing in generalities. If you have specific concerns that are unique to your situation, or if you want personal advice, it’s very easy to get. Simply go here and set up a time to speak – for free – to one of Lynette’s financial advisors. They will help you to create your own plan, based on your circumstances, your money situation, and your goals. There’s no cost for this consultation and absolutely no obligation. Even if you choose not to make a change after the call, you’ll leave it with valuable personalized information.

I strongly recommend taking the time to do this before Christmas rolls around. I can’t help but think the other shoe is about to drop, and I think back to all the times shady things get passed or occur over the holidays when nobody is paying attention.

Let me know what you think of the interview in the comments!

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