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Get The Ham Radio Tech Exam Study Guide

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We have an awesome new PDF book to offer you this week. Aden drew more than 400 cartoons to create the most innovative ham radio technician license study guide yet! The Prepper’s Post Disaster Communications EXAM Handbook is now available for just $10.

Use mnemonic memory techniques to quickly learn everything you need to know to pass the exam and get your Ham Radio Technician’s license in a hurry. Here’s an example of some of the clever illustrations.




I had never even looked at the ham radio test before editing this book. With only using this guide twice, I was able to excel with the practice tests you can find online. I truly believe Aden has created something remarkable.

About the book

Have you been wanting to pass the ham radio technician license exam but found yourself quickly losing any desire once you start to study for it? For too long, most ham radio study guides have featured electrical engineer jargon that only makes sense to seasoned hams.

But that’s not you! You’re just beginning, and you need something that will help you to get your foot in the door. That’s where The Prepper’s Post-Disaster Communication EXAM Handbook comes into the picture – by using pictures! This is a proven mnemonic study technique that really works.

Every question possible in the technician-level exam now has a hand-drawn cartoon attached to it, helping you to remember the material better so you can pass the test and get your license faster. You’ll be ready for the exam far more quickly and enjoyably with this study guide, meticulously created by the incredibly talented author and illustrator, Aden Tate.

Give it a shot! We think you’ll find this 832-page PDF to be one of the most enjoyable means to study for the amateur radio technician license that you’ve found yet.

Get it on sale

This weekend, we’re offering the book for half price. As you can imagine, drawing over 400 cartoons is a lot of work. The regular price will go up to $20 on Monday but for now, grab it for only ten bucks!

Go here to get your copy today:

PS: Even if you don’t intend to take the test because of registration concerns, you can learn all the rules, regulations, and standards for ham radio with this guide.

The potentiometer says, “You’ve got this!”

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