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Everything You Need to Know About EMPs from a NASA Expert

Lots of good information in the interview. Thanks for sharing it.

I’ve been reading about EMP for many years and there was little new info for me, but I do have one thing to share; where did the 90% population reduction number come from.

When the EMP goes off, you lose the power grid, so you lose refineries, municipal water, house well water, municipal sewage, fuel pipeline transportation, etc. The EMP, also referred to as a Time Machine, takes technology back to the time before it existed, say 1890.

But the problem is a bit worse than that. Back then the country was much more agrarian. People had land, horses to pull plows, hand pumped wells, and were much more self-sufficient. None of that exists today except perhaps in the Amish communities.

So, the theory is that without modern conveniences, you can only support the population at the level of the technology. In 1890, US population was about 65 million. Allowing for our lack of ‘manual infrastructure’, let’s take us back to 1870, when the population was less than 40 million.

Current population is 330-340 million, so a technology level that supports less than 40 million people means we can only support 40 million people, and about a 90% reduction is guaranteed.

Granted, there will be a few tractors that will survive, but how long will they run before they run out of fuel? Same for water, how long will your stored water last, or your pantry, etc.

If there’s ever an EMP strike on the US, things will get dicey pretty quickly. JMHO.

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