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Every Book. Every Course. Every Printable. Every USB.

Want to get the lowest prices we’ve ever offered on our products from Self-Reliance and Survival? We have got you covered with the most incredible Black Friday Sale ever.

Every PDF book is $3.

Every printable is $1.

Every course is $35.

Our 2024 USB with every single thing ever published on The Organic Prepper is $79 and will be shipped immediately. (The 2024 update will be emailed to you in February. If the website were to go down, you’d have every article we’ve ever posted on it at your fingertips. You won’t lose access to my work (or any of our talented writers’ work) with this USB, and you can plug it into any computer. This could be incredibly important as censorship gets more stringent in the year to come.

We want to make everything accessible to every single reader.

Please consider shopping with us this Black Friday weekend.

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