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Covid Restrictions Are Returning Fast. Here’s What We Can Do.

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We like to say that conspiracy theorists are just ahead of the curve, and we’ve recently gotten evidence that arguably the biggest conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, has been right about the story of a lifetime.  Covid restrictions are returning.

A TSA whistleblower told Alex Jones that by mid-September TSA managers and airport employees will be wearing masks, by October flyers will be masking again, and sometime in December, we can expect a full return to the 2021 Covid protocols.  After hearing this, Jones reached out to a manager within Border Patrol to see if he had heard anything about a return of Covid protocols, and he confirmed this.

Official channels have been quick to deny the return of any restrictions, and because Alex Jones said it, the average citizen dismissed it, too. 

But let’s look around. 

Are Covid restrictions really coming back?

Well, Epoch Times reported this week that UMass in Massachusetts; Kaiser Permanente in California; and United Health, Auburn, and University Hospital in New York have brought back mask requirements for staff and physicians.

Lionsgate Studios reinstated their mask mandate last week.  The Los Angeles County Dept. of Health told them they had to reinstate the mask mandate after several employees had been diagnosed with Covid.

The overwhelming majority of universities had strict vaccine and masking requirements during 2021 but gradually dropped those requirements over the past two years. There were still about 100 colleges and universities requiring proof of vaccination, but those were overwhelmingly medical schools in a handful of states.

However, Morris Brown, a small historically black liberal arts college in Atlanta, asked students to wear masks for the next two weeks despite no cases being reported on campus.

People love to hate Alex Jones, but it’s hard to prove him wrong sometimes.

There’s no rational explanation for the return of Covid restrictions. 

While the number of hospitalizations due to Covid is technically increasing, this past week in August still has the 22nd-lowest amount of Covid cases in the 160+ weeks since we began tracking cases. There’s no health emergency here (at least not due to Covid).

Some people are speculating that the new round of Covid alarmism has to do with the rollout of the latest Covid vaccine, which will most likely hit the market in mid-September.

More people are speculating that this is in preparation for the election next year.  In 2020, record numbers of people voted by mail, and there is some speculation that, if lockdowns return, this will be another reason to not have in-person voting in 2024, either.  

Or maybe it was the plan all along.

It’s also possible that this was the plan all along, to have a society used to rolling lockdowns and constant new requirements for vaccine uptake.  I realize how far-fetched this sounds, but let’s look at some behind-the-scenes information.

This last January, Moderna signed a deal in the UK to build a facility capable of producing up to 250 million doses of mRNA a year.  Moderna’s Australian facility, capable of producing 100 million doses per year, will come online in 2024, as will their facility in Canada.  And these facilities all offer peanuts next to Moderna’s Massachusetts facility, which has a production capacity of 3 billion mRNA doses per year.

Governments around the world have invested colossal sums of money in the Covid response; they can’t walk away from it.  Too many powerful people are too invested.  75 members of Congress were trading stock in pharmaceutical companies in 2021, right in the middle of the first round of Covid.

Rishi Sunak, the British prime minister, cofounded a hedge fund more than ten years ago that invested $500 million in Moderna.  He refuses to say whether or not he still has a financial interest in that particular hedge fund, but looking at the Moderna facilities popping up in the Commonwealth nations, I think it’s safe to assume he does.

The Covid response led to an unprecedented concentration of wealth in the hands of billionaires and they are not going to let that advantage go.  

We’ve talked before about the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty.  If this gets ratified next year, which it probably will, the head of the WHO will be able to declare pandemic protocols when and where he wants.  This won’t be something people can vote their way out of because the decisions will be made outside the U.S.  And international treaties supersede the Constitution.

Get ready for an information blackout.

Powerful interests obviously want to keep Covid going, but there’s no reason to assume the playbook will be exactly the same this time around.  I strongly suspect that, this go-around, information will be far more tightly controlled.  

In response to public outrage surrounding the Twitter Files, social media companies have gotten sneakier in the way they control what people see.  Outright bans are out. Burying information from non-mainstream sources is in.  This has been profoundly noticeable for anyone that does internet research.  

Linda Yaccarino, X’s new CEO, has really gotten behind this.  We’ve written about her before, too.  She’s a big fan of “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach,” and that’s exactly what’s happening now.  The politically convenient aren’t being banned; they’re just not being seen.

Laws have been passed in various places to facilitate this.  We wrote about Europe’s Digital Services Act a few months ago, which has now come into law.  Under this, large online platforms will be regularly audited to make sure they are not violating any of the EU’s guidelines, some of which have to do with spreading information that may be harmful to people’s health.

American laws are not quite as strict (yet), but YouTube has voluntarily adopted the WHO’s guidelines, which means that it’s about to get a lot harder to view videos about alternative or natural health information.

And this would almost be forgivable if it seemed like any of it was actually helping.

But in all these discussions of reining in health “misinformation,” it really seems like they’re simply attacking anything that won’t generate revenue for Big Pharma.  If you look at Biden’s Covid Preparedness Plan, not once in the 100-page document does he address any natural immunity boosters like improved diet, exercise, and sunshine.  Even though, up until five years ago, it was well understood by physicians all over the world that improving diet and exercise offers low-cost, dramatic results.

And The Science™ seems almost aggressively sloppy.  The CDC’s V-Safe app stopped collecting data on adverse events following Covid vaccinations.  If you try logging in, a message pops up saying that data collection for Covid vaccines ended June 30, 2023.

And yet, people are still being actively pushed to get more shots.

There’s something we can do.

Having said all this, I don’t think it’s time to despair.  Both Kaiser Permanente and Lionsgate Studios dropped their mask mandates this week after the public began paying attention. Bringing these practices to light really does make a difference.

I am happy to have people call me a tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist if the end result is that it becomes harder to implement mandates.

Aggressive narrative control is not a sign of strength. It’s a sign that the people in power are afraid of their subjects.  It’s easy to fire one person at a time for noncompliance. It’s a lot harder to lay off entire teams, though, and I’m hoping that’s what the public begins to realize.  

Look at how you can quietly refuse to comply.

We live in a strange time.  Technology has made possible a concentration of power that previous tyrants could only have dreamed of.  If we don’t pay attention to the actions of the people behind these gigantic tech and pharmaceutical companies and the supranational government organizations like the WHO they all seem to be hopping into bed with, we may slide into that dystopian nightmare faster than we realize.

Open defiance will bring down the hammer.  But quiet nonconformity is a lot harder to punish, especially if large enough groups of us band together to do it.  

What are your thoughts?

Are Covid restrictions coming back? Are you seeing any buzz about the return of Covid where you live? Do you expect another lockdown or more mask mandates? Will you comply?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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