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Bank Failure Tsunami !!! – Crypto Grizz

Fed Knows It Has Trouble Ahead

Bank Failure Tsunami !!!

186 Banks Near Collapse

Casey does an excellent job of putting our current crypto situation in perspective

Bank Failure Tsunami !!!
Bank Failure Tsunami !!!

86 Banks Near Collapse 🚨 Fed Will Not Save Them All! 💣 🏦 (Bond Market Signaling Tsunami 🌊!)

Crypto Casey

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“SYSTEMIC BANK FAILURES?” 🏦💥 HAPPENING SOON! Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here 👋 and I’m on a mission to improve people’s lives through crypto education. In this important video, we explore how the bond market is signaling an incoming tsunami of bank failures… Let’s jump in! ▬▬▬▬▬  CHAPTERS 💬 (Watch to the end!) 00:00 – Shiz Just got REAL 00:22 – WATCH ENTIRE CLIP 05:09 – Fed Destroying Community Banking 06:19 – How Crisis was Created 06:40 – BTC Use Case is Different 07:27 – Gov Weaponizing Market Chaos 08:12 – US Scrambling 09:11 – Bond Market Freaking Out 10:48 – Best/Worst Crypto Scenarios 12:03 – US Shooting Itself in the Foot 13:04 – What We Need to Do Now 13:30 – Diversify Investment Portfolio 14:47 – Fed’s Next Move 16:50 – Importance of Bitcoin

Bank Failure Tsunami !!!


Bank Failure Tsunami !!!


0:00shiz just got real real real0:03nobody has an attention span anymore0:04however I implore you to take five bull0:07minutes to watch this entire video clip0:09of U.S treasury secretary Janet Yellen0:11confirming that the U.S government and0:13Regulators will pick and choose which0:15banks get bailed out are they causing a0:18bank run on purpose are small Banks0:20toast you decide check it out I don’t0:22have time I need to be able to drill on0:24a couple things let me start with some0:25of the banking issues we’re dealing with0:26on it0:27will the deposits in every Community0:29Bank in Oklahoma regardless of their0:32size be fully insured now are they fully0:36recovered every Bank every Community0:38Bank in Oklahoma regardless of the size0:40of the deposit will they get the same0:42treatment that0:44svbp just got or Signature Bank just got0:49Bank only gets that treatment if a0:53majority of the FDIC board a super0:56majority is super majority of the FED0:59board and I in consultation with the1:03president determine that the failure to1:07protect uninsured depositors would1:11create systemic risk and significant1:14economic and financial consequences so1:17what is your plan that determination1:20right so so what is your plan1:22to keep large depositors from moving1:26their funds out of Community Banks into1:29the big Banks we have seen the mergers1:32of banks over the past decade1:34I’m concerned you’re about to accelerate1:36that by encouraging anyone who has a1:39large deposit in a community bank to say1:40we’re not going to make you whole but if1:43you go to one of our preferred Banks we1:46will make you whole at that point1:51um look I mean we’re that’s certainly1:55not something that we’re encouraging1:57that is happening right now2:00that is happening because depositors are2:04concerned about the bank failures that2:07have happened and whether or not other2:09Banks could also uh no it’s happening2:12because you’re fully insured no matter2:14what the amount is if you’re in a big2:16Bank you’re not fully insured if you’re2:18in a Community Bank well2:20you’re not fully insured and you you2:23were in signature and it was it just2:26barely met that threshold you were at2:27signature2:29well we2:31felt that there was a serious risk of2:34contagion that could have brought down2:37and triggered runs on many banks2:41and that something given that our2:45judgment is that the banking system2:47overall is safe and sound2:52depositors should have confidence in the2:55system and we took these actions so2:57there’s a special assessment that’s been2:59done on Community Banks in my state and3:01all banks across the country was there3:03any discussion that that special3:04assessment would only apply to the3:07larger Banks or was it always assumed a3:09special assessment would cover every3:11Bank including rural banks in my state3:14um I I think I I’m not certain what the3:17rules are around that3:19um that that’s for the FDIC to determine3:22it has been reported publicly that svb3:27had a large number of Chinese investors3:30that are there including some that were3:31companies directly connected to the3:33Chinese Communist Party3:35will those individual those individuals3:39companies entities and investors3:41that are Chinese investors be made whole3:44based on Assessments in my banks in3:48Oklahoma so what I’m asking is will my3:50banks in Oklahoma pay a special3:53assessment to be able to make Chinese3:55investors whole from Silicon Valley Bank3:58uninsured investors will be made whole4:01in that bank and I suppose that could4:04include foreign and foreign depositors4:07but I don’t believe there’s any legal4:10basis to discriminate among uninsured I4:13get it but I’m just saying my Community4:15Banks are going to pay this additional4:18fee it is always fascinating to me as4:19well the conversation that taxpayers are4:22being made whole in this taxpayers are4:24not going to have any kind of4:25consequence on this I’m sure my Bankers4:27are going to be very excited to know4:28they no longer pay taxes and their banks4:32no longer pay taxes credit unions don’t4:33pay taxes Banks do and so they’re4:36definitely taxpayers as well and all4:39banks make their revenue off of rates4:42and fees and such to their account4:44holders which means every Oklahoman will4:46pay higher fees4:50laps of the banking system and its4:54Economic Consequences that will have4:57very severe effects on banks in Oklahoma5:00that will also be threatened I’m just5:03worried about this worried about the5:05long term we are going to have to move5:07on but we’re not going to get all5:08senators in Senator Cortez Master yes in5:11a mere five minutes the U.S treasury5:12secretary conceded that the FED is5:14destroying the U.S Community banking5:16system5:17why they are using this crisis that they5:20created to usher in a new orwellian5:22Financial system controlled by their own5:24Central Bank digital currency or cbdc5:26how did they do it hello I’m crypto5:28Casey and in this video we are going to5:30explore the absolute tsunami of bank5:31failures that is headed our way and how5:34unprecedented Financial history is5:36unfolding right before our very eyes5:37let’s hit it5:41please check out our sponsors coin5:43Ledger nordvpn and Ledger start getting5:45your crypto taxes sorted out with coin5:47Ledger’s cryptocurrency and nft tax5:49software that will save you time and5:51help maximize your refund secure your5:52data privacy and access to important5:54financial and cryptocurrency accounts5:56from hackers and trackers by using5:58virtual private Network Services5:59provided by nordvpn which we could6:01redeem for a special discount below and6:03please make sure you are taking complete6:05control and ownership of all your6:07digital assets and cryptocurrencies by6:09using secure Cold Storage Hardware Watts6:11like Ledger devices so make sure to6:12scroll down and use links below to6:14access the correct and official sites as6:15well as redeem any special offers they6:17have for us all while supporting the6:18channel sweet so how did the FED create6:21this crisis and what are they trying to6:23blame it on here’s a tweet by Dan6:24McArdle that summarizes it nicely so6:27Regulators Force Banks to hold tons of6:29treasuries banks load up during zurped6:31fed Prince five trillion dollars oh my6:33God inflation Jerome hikes at fastest6:36Pace ever bonds crash Banks realize6:38massive losses if depositors demand6:40withdrawals everyone blames Bitcoin and6:42crypto LOL but as banks are collapsing6:44Bitcoin is no longer being treated as a6:47tech stock it is a completely different6:48use case now for people that have had6:51the realization and if you haven’t or if6:53someone you know and care about hasn’t6:54had this realization watch and share6:56this video breaking it all down by6:57clicking on the link above and just to6:59be Crystal Clear it’s not about trying7:00to convince people of something we all7:02have our own beliefs have our own unique7:04experiences and perspectives on all7:06aspects of life so it’s actually a7:08matter of knowing and understanding7:10something before everyone else which at7:12some point in the future everyone else7:14will know and understand it and at that7:16point we are likely looking at a 100K7:17Bitcoin and Beyond so by knowing and7:19understanding how Bitcoin works and what7:21problems it solves early we will likely7:24reap the benefits of its potential7:25substantial increase over time the7:27government is weaponizing Market chaos7:29to try and kill Bitcoin in crypto by7:31shutting down access to and from7:33traditional Financial systems like the7:35banks and in reality yes banking is a7:38necessary evil for us to transact7:39unfortunately for now but they they need7:42us more than we need them because if we7:44are able to shift to using Bitcoin or7:46another blockchain based decentralized7:48transparent and immutable cryptocurrency7:50we do not need to use Banks we can7:52transact directly with each other7:53quickly efficiently and cheaply without7:55the need for third-party intermediaries7:56like Banks so am I worried about the7:58concerted effort by the US government to8:00choke Fiat to crypto on and off ramps8:02not really because there will always be8:04entrepreneurs somewhere out there8:06looking to fill and need and provide8:07value to the world so as crypto on an8:10off-ramp shut down it just creates8:11opportunities for someone else to fill8:13the space the US is clearly scrambling8:15to maintain its power and status as the8:17world’s observe currency and it’s8:19willing to sacrifice anything and8:21everything else to do it including small8:23Banks the taxpayers and its Society at8:25large what else are they willing to8:27sacrifice sacrifice people’s lives8:29including U.S citizens they’re likely8:30willing to initiate World War III to8:32retain its hegemonic Supremacy because8:34the dollar is absolutely wavering and8:37getting worse as the money printers have8:39officially fired back up fed’s New Beat8:41tfp facility is stealth quantitative8:44easing injecting up to two trillion8:46dollars in liquidity JPMorgan concludes8:48so inflation will continue to spiral out8:51of control and it is legalized theft and8:53that it degrades devalues and dilutes8:55our US dollars that we trade our most8:57precious limited resource for time as9:00well as energy which is a violation of9:01our property rights as we’ve been9:03harping on here on the channel Our Lives9:05Liberty and property are in Jeopardy and9:07the markets reflect people’s overall9:09feelings and sentiment so if we look at9:11the bond market in particular it clearly9:13indicates that No One Believes these9:14bailouts are going to work George Gammon9:16brought up a great analogy in one of his9:18recent videos I will share with you here9:20to illustrate the fact that smart money9:22in the bond market is preparing for a9:24financial meltdown while everyone else9:25may think this is an isolated event this9:28sunometer is a tsunami detection device9:30and this little wave here is silvergate9:32Silicon Valley Bank and signature Banks9:34collapse as well as credit swisses near9:36collapse so you can see hardly9:38noticeable on the surface of the water9:39so most people are shrugging it out off9:41now as the wave comes upon the sonometer9:43danger is detected in the sonometer in9:46this analogy is the bond market and it9:49signals to this surface buoy and9:51satellite smart money that a disaster is9:53imminent which then warns the facilities9:55on the shoreline us and most of us are9:58either ignoring the signal don’t10:00understand the signal or hear the signal10:02loud and clear and if the bond market10:04signals aren’t compelling enough check10:06out this chart this arrow is pointing10:08out Silicon Valley Bank that went bust10:10and all these Banks to the right of it10:12are actually more risky and slightly10:14worse off than Silicon Valley Bank over10:1634 more banks are at risk of failure and10:19all the way to the left here we show10:21what will likely become the only big10:22Banks to exist alongside the central10:25bank or Federal Reserve once their10:27centralization and consolidation plan10:29for the US banking system is complete10:31JPMorgan Bank of America Citibank and10:33Wells Fargo this is the impending10:35tsunami the bond market is warning us10:37about massive systemic bank failures and10:39not all of them will be bailed out10:41that’s what U.S treasury secretary Janet10:43Yellen said today the FED will pick and10:45choose which banks get bailed out we are10:47in the midst of an arms race our10:49generation’s most important arms race10:51against the U.S Central Bank other big10:53Banks and their bomb paid for government10:55and Regulators so what is the best case10:57scenario for crypto I think this tweet10:59by Ryan sulcus sums it up nicely my11:01rough prediction for the next 12 months11:031. more bank failures in the next couple11:05of weeks two fed Cuts QE is back three11:08Bitcoin climbs sustained moderate11:11inflation 4. outside money or sound the11:13money gets Bitcoin to 100K five11:16institutions buy faster than the feds11:18can shut down game this is an optimistic11:21bet on the future as Bitcoin is treated11:23as a life raft and peaceful option but11:25the key is threading the needle so11:27institutions can buy it and defend it11:29alongside Us best case scenario right11:31now cool so what’s the worst case11:33scenario for crypto like we’ve been11:35discussing for years now at this point11:36it hasn’t changed if a binance the11:39largest crypto exchange or if tether the11:41largest stable coin by market cap goes11:43bust crypto will tumble significantly it11:46wouldn’t die but it would be bad11:47definitely the worst case scenario if11:49U.S regulators and the government are11:51successful in their attempt to sever11:52connections between our traditional11:54Financial system and crypto crypto won’t11:56die sure it sucks that a lot of us money11:58will be prevented from entering the12:00space but crypto will continue to exist12:01the US can’t stop it all the US would be12:04doing is preventing itself from12:06participating in this most important12:08phase of the entire internet Revolution12:10as well as the next largest incoming12:12asset class in the world crypto is12:14moving and will continue to move12:15offshore depriving the US from one of12:18the most important Innovations in human12:20history all in a futile effort to12:22maintain the hegemony of its corrupt12:24Ponzi scheme the US dollar fiat currency12:26by committing one of the most heinous12:28power grabs in human history12:29implementing a central bank digital12:31currency that is programmed to do12:33whatever they want based on Power and12:36greed none of what’s happening and what12:38will happen as Banks continue to12:39collapse around the world would have12:41been impossible in the truly12:43decentralized transparent auditable and12:45over collateralized crypto asset12:47ecosystem crypto is the Apex Financial12:49Predator it is the solution to all of12:51the central points of failure opacity12:53and blatant corruption and the current12:55Global Financial system that’s why12:57they’re trying to make it a scapegoat12:58for a crisis they likely plan and are13:00executing which you can check out why by13:03clicking on the link above in the midst13:04of it all Bitcoin and crypto has been13:06decoupling from the stock market and13:08behaving like a safe haven asset along13:10with gold as prices appreciate so what13:13should we do as crypto investors simple13:15stay calm focus on what we can control13:17commit to doing the best we can with13:20what we’ve got keep working on13:22increasing our income and cash flow and13:24stay disciplined also diversifying our13:26wealth is more crucial than ever check13:27out treasury bills stocks bonds real13:30estate gold silver Bitcoin ether and13:32also consider the unique time-tested13:34uncorrelated asset class of fine art13:36with Masterworks platform art is one of13:39the oldest asset classes there are in13:41fact fact Sotheby’s is the oldest13:43company on the New York Stock Exchange13:44nearly 275 years old so people have been13:47trading art for centuries and typically13:49only the ultra wealthy have had access13:51to Fine Art Investments until now13:53Masterworks removes the barriers we13:55would otherwise face if we tried to13:57invest in art on our own because the13:59costs are extremely high for the average14:00investor so they take this very large14:02asset class which is roughly 1.714:05trillion dollars and make it accessible14:06to a wider range of investors with their14:09platform that transforms physical art14:11into share-based ownership here’s how it14:13works Masterworks uses their expertise14:15to select and buy art they believe to be14:18investment grade paintings then they14:19file it with the SEC similar to how a14:22company goes public and finally they14:24sell shares of the painting which allows14:26people like us to own fractions of14:28pieces of Fine Art so this is the first14:30opportunity for anyone to invest in14:32multi-million dollar artworks in14:34Masterworks has become so popular that14:36there is a wait list to join however if14:38you use the link below we can skip the14:39waitlist and start diversifying our our14:41investment portfolios into this unique14:43asset class so scroll down and check it14:45out cool so the question on everyone’s14:48mind now is what is the fed the U.S14:50Central Bank going to decide about14:52interest rates at its next fomc or14:55Federal Open Market Committee meeting14:56next week on March 21st and 22nd well15:00surely since QE or quantitative easing15:02has started they won’t hike rates15:04further right wrong the ECB or European15:07Central Bank has been doing both15:09printing money and increasing interest15:11rates over the past nine months and just15:13this week the European Central Bank15:15hikes rates despite Market Mayhem15:17pledges support if needed they increased15:19by 0.5 50 basis points insane is the Fed15:24going to follow suit let me know what15:26you think in the comments below my15:28random wild guess is that I truly don’t15:29know there are likely three scenarios a15:32half a percent hike just like the ECB a15:34quarter percent hike or no wait If the15:36Fed really planned this whole crisis to15:38orchestrate the most heinous power grab15:40of all time they they will hike 50 basis15:42points or a quarter basis point or if15:44they really want to try and undo the15:46mess they’ve created they will not hike15:48at all or would decrease interest rates15:50because as we’ve been discussing on the15:51channel they will only stop once they15:53reach their two percent inflation Target15:55or when something big breaks something15:57big has broken and they have fired up15:59the money printers so their two percent16:01inflation Target is likely out of the16:02window however as we discussed in a16:04recent video together this may have all16:06been planned to usher in their Central16:08Bank digital currency if that’s the case16:10then they will hike and continue16:12systematically destroying the U.S16:14Community banking system in order to16:15centralize and consolidate Power by the16:17way this is all great for Bitcoin in16:19crypto long term but this is very very16:21bad for pretty much everything and16:22everyone else the current situation is16:24disturbing and the future is uncertain16:26there is a massive financial crisis16:28underway Banks across the country are16:30sitting on massive losses some will go16:32insolvent and some will not get bailed16:34out in the end I’m hopeful that Bitcoin16:36crypto and truly decentralized16:38transparent and immutable Financial16:40systems will urge Like a Phoenix From16:42the Ashes of This Disaster so now is the16:44time to get curious about Bitcoin to get16:46knowledgeable about this new16:47revolutionary technology and to spread16:50awareness about it with our friends and16:51family awesome so if you would like to16:53learn more about how Bitcoin works and16:55why it’s revolutionary technology can16:57help us maintain power over some of our16:58wealth check out this video if you would17:00finally like to have that Eureka moment17:02about how cryptocurrency wallets seed17:04phrases and private Keys work check out17:05this video and to skip the Masterworks17:07waitlist click on this link on the17:09screen like And subscribe for more be17:10safe out thereEnglish (auto-generated)

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