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150+ Ways to Save Money in the New Year

Save money. Live better.

The situation with the economy is getting a lot harder for many people and that’s reflected by the stories and ideas in this year’s Frugalite anthology.  More extreme times call for more extreme measures, and that’s exactly with The Frug team served up!


Sometimes, it’s hard to be hopeful when times are tough. But The Frug has got more than 150 articles this year that show you where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Get our best tips on how to live in a thrift mindset, how to eat great food on a dime, how to make special occasions magical for less money, how to care for your home inexpensively, and a whole host of miscellaneous Thrifticles to help you save money in ways you never even thought about!


This year’s Frugal Living Yearbook is jam-packed with ideas from our talented writers that will help you make next year your most fabulously frugal year ever.


If life has you down with regard to money, there’s light at the end of your tunnel. Things may not look like they used to, but by embracing creative frugality, your life can still be wonderful and fulfilling.
Let us help you.
Grab this 737-page PDF that’s simply JAM-PACKED with thrifty ideas and thought pieces on life in the Frugal Lane. There’s something for everyone in this guide, and you’ll be sure to start the new year off right with it.

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PS: This is a digital download. Nothing will be mailed to you.


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