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15 Creative Ways to Use Sausage Crumbles In Everyday Cooking

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Consider adding freeze-dried sausage crumbles for your family’s emergency food storage! This shelf-stable protein adds a delicious twist to everyday meals while offering peace of mind for long-term preparedness. Learn how to use them (and why they’re surprisingly tasty!) to add variety to your family’s favorite dishes.

bowl of freeze dried sausage crumbles

The first time I tried Sausage Crumbles, after being convinced by my Thrive Life friend, Holly, was on pizza. I wasn’t eager to try them. The concept seemed strange — crunchy pieces of sausage. What an odd idea! But, it turns out using freeze-dried sausage crumbles is easy and tasty.  I rehydrated a handful of the Crumbles in warm water, drained them, squeezed out the excess water in a paper towel, and then sprinkled them over my pizza. My family loved the flavor and said there was no difference between this sausage and what I would have bought from the store. 

Since then, I’ve stocked up on several cans of Sausage Crumbles and gave a can as a gift to my prepper-minded nephew one year! The flavor is versatile and goes well with Italian dishes, Mexican recipes, breakfast eggs-and-sausage recipes, and more. They’re now a staple in my food storage pantry.

15 Creative Ways To Use Sausage Crumbles

Here are just a few ways you can put these Crumbles to work in your kitchen. Be sure to rehydrate first, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Add to bread or cornbread stuffing.
  2. Combine with white gravy for a biscuits & gravy meal.
  3. Add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of rehydrated Crumbles to meatloaf or meatball mixture for something more flavorful.
  4. Throw a handful into any soup. The Crumbles don’t need rehydration first as long as the soup contains enough liquid. Try making a soup without a recipe following these guidelines.
  5. Use as a pizza topping.
  6. Add to any pasta meal — baked ziti, for example.
  7. Include in a potato dish, such as potatoes au gratin or hash browns. Read more about best types of potatoes for food storage.
  8. Use as a filling for omelets, mix in with scrambled eggs, or combine with eggs and cheese for a yummy breakfast burrito filling.
  9. Add to corn chowder.
  10. Include some Crumbles in the meat mixture filling for tacos or burritos. Here are lot of ideas for using freeze-dried food in your favorite Mexican recipes.
  11. Eat right out of the can for a savory snack.
  12. Add to a quiche recipe.
  13. Combine with beef flavored TVP for super-low budget meat added to any and all of the previous dishes.
  14. Take a Pantry Can of Sausage Crumbles on your next camping, hunting, or backpack trip for a very lightweight, ready-to-eat protein source.
  15. Add a unique texture to your trail mix

Benefits and Versatility of Freeze-Dried Sausage Crumbles


The sausage is already cooked, leaving one less greasy stovetop and skillet to deal with. I love this about them!

Shelf life and preparedness

Unopened, crumbles have a shelf-life of 25 years, making them a valuable addition when building your food storage pantry. They’re also lightweight, taking up minimal space in your pantry or emergency kit, while providing a protein source for long-term situations. They’re also not taking up valuable space in your freezer.


They add a savory kick to a wide range of cuisines, from classic Italian dishes to hearty breakfast scrambles. Elevate your pasta sauces, soups, and casseroles, or use them as a flavorful base for breakfast burritos and omelets. So many possibilities! Did I mention pizza?


And it turns out they are good to eat right out of the can if you want something satisfyingly crunchy and salty! Perfect for curbing hunger pangs on the go or adding a unique texture to trail mix. Plus, in an emergency where conserving your water storage is of prime importance, this is a protein source that can be eaten without rehydrating.

Expert Tips for Using Freeze-dried Sausage Crumbles

  • Rehydrate Strategically: Not all dishes require rehydration! For soups, stews, or chilis with plenty of liquid, simply toss in the crumbles and let them rehydrate as the dish cooks. This saves time and adds a concentrated burst of sausage flavor.
  • Boost Flavor: Want a deeper sausage taste in the recipes with sausage crumbles? Briefly brown the rehydrated crumbles in a pan with a little oil before adding them to your dish. This caramelizes the edges and intensifies the savory notes. It’s an extra step but can really be worth it depending on the dish.
  • Add Spice: Don’t be afraid to add a pinch of red pepper flakes, smoked paprika, or your favorite Italian seasoning to the crumbles after rehydrating for an extra flavor kick.
  • Storage: Once opened, store your freeze-dried sausage crumbles in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. For extended storage, consider transferring them to a Mylar bag with an oxygen absorber to minimize spoilage. However, if you’ll use them quickly, just use them out of the container they came in.


How long does freeze-dried sausage last?

Unopened, crumbles have a shelf-life of 25 years. Keep opened crumbles in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. For long-term storage (think years!), transfer them to a Mylar bag with an oxygen absorber. But if you plan to use them up soon, the original container works fine.

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Final Thoughts

Freeze-dried sausage crumbles are a game-changer for preppers and busy families alike, and a super versatile and tasty product that I recommend. They’re a shelf-stable, protein-packed ingredient that can be used in countless recipes with sausage crumbles. From emergency preparedness to adding a quick flavor boost to everyday meals, these versatile crumbles prove that convenience and deliciousness can go hand-in-hand. So next time you’re stocking your pantry, consider adding a can (or two!) of freeze-dried sausage crumbles. Learning how to use them is simple and you might be surprised at how often you reach for them. I know I was!

What freeze-dried foods do you like to use? Please share with me in the comments!

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