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10 Survival and Bushcraft HACKS you probably didn’t know!

Stranded in the wild, or just prepping for the unexpected? Dive into Clay Hayes’ collection of bushcraft hacks that could save your day, or even your life!

From turning duct tape into a fire starter to making a comfy stool from branches, these ingenious tips and tricks will elevate your outdoor skills to expert level. Forget the usual survival guides; these are the real-deal secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

Ready to become a wilderness wizard? Let’s get started!

Who doesn’t love some good survival hacks?

Duct Tape Fire Starter

Duct tape isn’t just for repairs; it’s also great for starting fires, especially in challenging weather conditions.

Spent Lighter Sparks

Even without fuel, a spent lighter can be used to create sparks and ignite a fire using shavings from its plastic body and the flint element.

Paracord Boot Laces

Swapping regular boot laces with paracord ones provides not only stronger laces that don’t break but also a versatile survival tool if needed.

Organized Paracord Storage

Keeping paracord tangle-free in your pack can be done by wrapping it in a specific way that’s easy to undo when needed.

Axe Technique for Splitting Wood

When splitting wood, slightly tilting the axe can help prevent it from getting stuck and make the task more efficient.

Improvised Draw Knife

Create a draw knife from a short stick and a knife, bound with paracord, to peel and shape wood.

Natural Knife Sharpening

In the absence of a sharpening stone, the end of a cut piece of wood, when combined with clay or gritty soil, can put a fine edge on a blade.

Wilderness Stool Construction

Four poles of equal length can be fashioned into a simple stool without the need for any cordage.

Natural Bug Repellent

Plants like spearmint found in the wild can serve as effective, natural bug repellents.

Natural Antiseptic

Sap from trees like firs can be used as an antiseptic and wound dressing in emergency situations.

Wilderness Toilet Paper

The video concludes with a humorous take on finding the best natural toilet paper in the woods, emphasizing the importance of choosing absorbent and soft leaves.

Remember, each of these hacks can be expanded upon and illustrated with screenshots when creating your post for an engaging read.

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