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Hardcore City Dwellers Share their Top 13 Urban Survival Hacks

Picture this scenario: Amidst chaos caused by a natural disaster, civil unrest, or widespread unemployment, you find yourself needing to venture outside—whether for work, taking your kids to school, or a routine trip to the grocery store.

The tension is palpable the moment you step out. What actions do you take in such a situation?

Here are hardcore city dwellers’ hacks to survive life in the hood.

1. If you hear shots, go home…

gun alternatives

If you hear yelling, go home.
If someone is following you, don’t go home.

Walk purposefully with your head up.

Avoid making yourself a target. Walking purposefully will make you look like you belong and are not to be messed with.

On the flip side, looking at your phone or (worse!) Google Maps while walking will put a target on your back.

If you saw something, no the f* you didn’t.

The rule of the streets is to mind your own business. Whatever you think you see, ignore it.

Make brief eye contact.

Someone walking behind you? Make eye contact to let them know you know they are there.

If you see a man looking at you, look right back. It’s your way of saying, “I know what you look like now.”

Just keep that look brief so it isn’t perceived as a threat!

Don’t display things that say, “Mug me.”

This means leaving your jewelry at home. Change into street clothes before you leave the office.

Never take out your phone.

Unless you want it ripped from your hand, wait until you get somewhere safe to answer it.

Don’t worry about the gangsters in baggy clothes.

It’s the ones in basketball shorts or sweats that you need to worry about. They are dressed to jump someone and run!

Quit smoking.

In public, at least. The moment you pull out a cigarette in the hood, all the bums suddenly line up to ask you for one. You don’t need that attention.

Walk softly and conceal carry!

You might have heard “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

In the concrete jungle though, walking softly means you respectfully mind your own business and have a firearm ready in case others don’t.

Keep your money in two places.

The first stash is what you give to muggers. The other stash contains enough to buy a bus ticket or pay for a taxi to safety.

Bring a knife to the fist fight…

Bring a gun to the knife fight and run away from the gun fight.

But these only apply if you know how to use your knife or gun. Otherwise, be prepared for the attacker to take your weapon and use it against you!

Run away.

If you are empty-handed, run away.

If you and the attacker have a knife, run away.

Even the most hardened criminals have little desire for confrontation and low motivation to run after you.

They are just people too.

Just because it’s a dangerous part of town, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be polite. Say hello to shop owners, bus drivers, even the garbage collectors. And if you accidentally bump into someone on the street, a simple “sorry man!” is all it takes to avoid a confrontation.

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